Enrollment to the 2016 Dance Camp Now Opens

 2016 Beijing Dance Festival

Dance Camp

Enrollment Now Opens


The Beijing Dance Festival is one of the biggest celebration of dance in Beijing and among cities in China.  More than 145 dance artists, close to 200 dance students and more than 5500 audiences congregate in Beijing every summer.  These participants come from cities throughout China, Hong Kong, world.


The Beijing Dance Festival is presented and jointly-organized by the BeijingDance/LDTX Dance Company, Guangdong Modern Dance Company (GMDC) and Hong Kong’s City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC).  Together with the Guangdong Dance Festival, it has become one of the biggest contemporary dance network in China.  The Beijing Dance Festival began in 2008 as a one-week festivity alternating between international and China artist-focus every year.  Since 2012, it had combined both international and China artists and expanded to become two weeks duration.


The two-week Beijing Dance Festival is composed of two parts: First part as educational week while the second as performance week.


International Faculty

16 internationally renowned artists and dance teachers from Australia, China, France, Israle, Korea, The Natherlands, Spain, Switzerland andUS formed a distinguished faculty with diversified offerings.


Extensive and Wide Array of Curriculum

Six-days of intensive training on contemporary dance styles and approaches - From Modern Dance, to Movement Style, to Kinesthesia to Improvisation to artistic expressions.


Precious Artistic and Cultural Experience

Personal interaction with an international faculty and fellow students from different origins.Firsthand engagement in practices and in thoughts provoking.Friendly setting of artistic and cultural sharing ambience.



Dance Camp Period

July 13-21, 2016









Dance Camp Registration







Shanxi Sightseeing



Dance Camp closes

Depart for Beijing

Performance Week (in Beijing) begins




Shanxi Vocational College of Art in Taiyuan city


Requirements for Enrollment:

  • Received minimum of two years of dance training in a professional institute or academy; or
  • A professional performer or teacher in dance or other discipline; or
  • A dance aficionado/aficionada


The Enrollment Fees

Earlybird discount is available.  Please see below:



Before May 1

Between May 1 to June 15 (inclusive)

From June 16 onwards

Full Two-weeks

Fees include:

- Dance camp training

- Threemeals per day (from July 14 to 19)

- Program participation during first week of the Festival from July 14 to 19

- Individual pass to shows during second week of the Festival (from July 21 to 26)


¥4200 per person

¥4700 per person

¥5400 per person

One-week on Dance Camp only

Fees include:

- Dance camp training

- Three meals per day (from July 14 to 19)

- Program participation during first week of the Festival from July 14 to 19

¥3500 per person

¥4000 per person

¥4700 per person


Enrollment Fees does not include:

- Accommodation:

* Hotel during dance camp period (July 13-21) will be arranged by organizer estimated at around RMB800 per person on twin-sharing room.  Actual pricing and arrangement may vary due to market availability and final hotel arrangement.

* Hotel during performance week period (July 21-26) will be on student’s own.  Organizer will provide information about accommodation information around the theater for student’s own consideration.

- Train tickets from Taiyuan to Beijing at end of Camp to attend Festival will be paid for by students, and can be arranged by organizer.

Payment of Enrollment Fees is not refundable.  In the event that cancellation occurs due to unforeseeable factors and refund is to be issued, a RMB100 charge will be imposed.

The Shanxi Sightseeingis an optional activity whereby costs will be paid for by students.  Actual cost to be advised.



Application Procedures:

- Visit, and click on Dance Camp Application online

- Fill in enrollment form and upload a passport photo

- Student will receive an e-mail notice upon successful enrollment.  The e-mail will contain information on payment deadline and procedures, etc.



Got questions

- Send e-mail to, or

- Call +86-10-64054842 ext 8001 or 8002 (between 14:00-20:00 daily), or

- Visit