2016 Youth Dance Marathon Now Opens for Application!

2016 Youth Dance Marathon Now Opens for Application!


The 2016 Beijing Dance Festival is scheduled for July 13-26. It is the biggest celebrated open platform for contemporary dance in China, attended by more than 130 internatioanl and Chinese artists across Greater China, close to 200 students of dance and over 5000 audience every year. 69 groups from 22 countries had performed at the Festival since 2012. The Beijing Dance Festival is jointly organized by the BeijingDance/LDTX, the Guangdong Modern Dance Company and Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company. The two-weeks Beijing Dance Festival is composed of Dance Camp in the first week, followed by Performances in the second. The Performance week consists of three modules: Youth Dance Marathon (YDM), Springboard and Focus performances. The Youth Dance Marathon, which is a platform for young choreographers to present his/her original works, is now open for application.


Application Deadline:

May 15, 2016



Professional dance ensembles, individual dance artists and aficionados.


Requirmentsfor the piece submitted:

  1. Must be the applicant’s original creation never been presented in the Festival before
  2. Maximum 15 minutes
  3. Content does not offend the standing law of the People’s Republic of China


Application Procedures:

  1. Visit, and fill in the Youth Dance Marathon online application form
  2. Via, please send full-length video and publicity photos(300DPI) of your work, and headshot of all persons involved and participating in the Festival, to,

Please note all materials must completion submission before deadline otherwise application will be forfeited.


Result Notification:

Selected works will be notified individually via email by June 16, 2016.


Application/Registration Fees:

Every persons, of a ensemble or individually, participating in the Youth Dance Marathon must beregistered to obtain a YDM Pass.

Registration fee for each person is RMB1000.

All YDM pass holders will receive admission to all performances and dance symposiums at the 2016 Festival. In addition, all YDM pass holders can enjoy discounted rate to all Master Classes being offered. 


Fees Exemption:

An individual is exempt from paying the YDM Applications fee if he/she has also registered in the Beijing Dance Festival Dance Camp.



You are advised to arrange for your own accommodation. But if you would need help from the Festival on arranging your accommodations during the Festival Performance Week, July 21-27(total of six nights), please indicate so on the application (The cost is approximately RMB100-150 per person per night on shared room basis. Actual pricing and arrangement will be adjusted accordingly pending on venue availability and charges).



  1. All participants of the accepted works are to be considered as the Beijing Dance Festival’s Youth Dance Marathon Artistis and to follow theater assignment and scheduling provided by the organizer.
  2. Organizeris responsible for all publicity, planning, organization, promotion of the accepted program.
  3. Organizerto provide venue and technical support (Standard rig).
  4. If you need an invitation letter from the organizer (i.e. for visa or funding application, etc), please email your request


For enquiries, please contact +86 (10) 6405-4842 ext 8011 or


Thank you.