• Beijing Dance Festival: A Modern Dance Feast for the Eyes


  • Free on his feet


  • CCTV-NEWS Culture Express 07/17/2013

  • CCTV-News Culture Express 07/23/2013

  • Dance Camp

    It was a enlightening and enriching experience. The students and faculty were an inspiring group of artists to work with and the performances (both the Mainstage and Springboard) programs offered a wonderful glimpse of contemporary dance in China.

    ——Amy Chavasse

  • Cycle of Life

    Creating a flowing theatrical scene onstage, dancers move in abstract circles thatsignify the choreographer's association and understanding of interpersonalrelationships in an ever-changing society.

    —— Global Times

  • Shake Your Body

    It's a muggy and hot afternoon in Beijing, but that doesn't put off a group of modern dance enthusiasts. Staring at the mirror, they immerse themselves in the music.

    —— China Daily